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Porter Creek Hardwood Grill
14201 Burngarten Dr - Burnsville, MN 55306

You and a guest are cordially invited to a workshop dinner event for area residents who are retired or nearing retirement. This informative and entertaining program is ABSOLUTELY COMPLIMENTARY. There is no obligation; enjoy a complimentary dinner on us.

In the coming years, any number of changes could hit you and your retirement hard. Keeping track of these changes, trends and developments could be the best investment you can make. Local financial planners at Haven Financial Group will help enlighten and empower you so you have the confidence to make sound financial decisions. Join us to discover strategies you can act upon immediately, such as:

  • Market Update: How to avoid the invisible taxation of Inflation that’s eroding your retirement income.
  • Stocks & Bonds: Learn how repositioning your portfolio can help hedge against inflation and rising interest rates.
  • Safer Strategies: To protect and grow your assets during Bull Markets and Market Corrections.
  • Income: How to help create guaranteed Lifetime Income for you and your spouse.
  • How you can potentially turn an IRA into TAX FREE income or an asset for your children or grandchildren while covering your long-term care needs.
  • How to calculate your RMD amount and the tax liability.
  • Secure Act Law: Learn about this law and how it impacts 401s, IRAs, RMDs and beneficiaries.
  • Social Security: How to help maximize Social Security and minimize Social Security Taxation.

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