Social Security & You

Social Security & You Are you on the verge of retirement? Then you are probably asking yourself when you should stop working and how long after that do you take Social Security benefits? While your first thought may be to take both as soon as you are able, the reality is a little more complicated. Here are the top Social

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Have I Saved Enough for Retirement?

Have I Saved Enough for Retirement? Many Americans look forward to their retirement years; however, if you’re not prepared, it can also be financially stressful. When it comes to retirement, most Baby Boomers are unsure if they’ve saved enough and are concerned about running out of money. In fact, only 1 in 3 Americans are confident or extremely confident they’ll

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Protect the Ones You Love

Protect the Ones You Love February is here — the month that celebrates love and romance and of course, Valentine’s Day. In a recent survey, Life Happens (a nonprofit life insurance organization dedicated to consumer education) found that people would much prefer their romantic partner plan for their financial future (44%) than buy them gifts (8%).1 Does this statistic surprise

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