Is Your Life Insurance Valid if You Die While Traveling Abroad?

Traveling abroad or living abroad is a new normal for many people, but what happens if the traveler dies while off U.S. soil? Will the life insurance be valid and payout to beneficiaries? Not all life insurance companies view travel outside of the U.S. the same and may not pay out benefits. Contact your life insurance policy carrier with questions

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A Debt Reduction Plan for 2020

Being debt-free is possible for everyone, regardless of income. Learning to manage our debt and spending habits and then focus on saving can be life-changing and positively affect your net worth. Net worth calculates by subtracting your liabilities (debt owed) from your assets (not financed). Both individuals and companies can calculate net worth. It is an accurate determination of how

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Why Your Advisor Is Talking to You about Fixed-Indexed Annuities

Once thought of as a single retirement funding source, fixed-indexed annuities are becoming part of a retirement strategy. Not only for pre-retirees and those in retirement. Why? First, the reality of Social Security retirement is at risk. As well as the reduction of benefits is a concern as our population ages. Secondly, fixed-income annuities provide an income stream in retirement

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